“Defining the Elemental”

“Defining the Elemental” Dean Clough. Halifax West Yorkshire 27th October through to 12th December 2019 Preview of the exhibition CLICK HERE FOR FULL EXHIBITION CATALOGUE This is a show that has ten painters and writer who has created poems for the works on exhibition at the Crossley Gallery venue inside the expansive Dean Clough complex. … Continue reading “Defining the Elemental”

“…pay for space and art comps…are they really worth it? “

Below is an extract of an article by 'Spike' from the latest issue of Tubes magazine - Spike is the resident critic of painters Tubes magazine. Artists to read the full article. You can register as 'preview' reader on line (free to read full magazine) by emailing Tubes with your name and email putting 'register … Continue reading “…pay for space and art comps…are they really worth it? “

Landscape issue # 5 – publishing dates

Registered readers will be posted (by email) the access code for the Free -on-Line preview version of Tubes on: 29th October 2017 If you have not already registered please email tubes@telia.com before or up to the 27th October. Please put 'register me' in the subject line of the email. Note: Full Public release will be … Continue reading Landscape issue # 5 – publishing dates

Weltgeist of a painter

Weltgeist is a German word that describes a sort of world spirit, perhaps it can be best explained as a sort of awareness of your own consciousness. The artistic weltgeist experience is not uncommon, especially for a painter and many have recorded experiencing it at one time or another during their lifetime, i.e. Van Gogh, … Continue reading Weltgeist of a painter