“Defining the Elemental”

Defining the Elemental”

Dean Clough. Halifax West Yorkshire

27th October through to 12th December 2019

Preview of the exhibition

This is a show that has ten painters and writer who has created poems for the works on exhibition at the Crossley Gallery venue inside the expansive Dean Clough complex.

In the introduction David Traves points out the inspiration of British 20th century painters such as David Bomberg, Leon Kossof and Frank Auerbach, that some of the participating artists may have been inspired by, although that is referring to paint application, more than it is to the subject.

The original concept and title for the exhibition. “Defining the Elemental” was his original idea and it conjures up a whole range of meanings behind it. Essentially the artwork to be shown in the main is based on nature, although one or two of the artists have expanded that to include the human figure and  one or two with pure abstraction work that perhaps have broader and more expansive connection with the title of the show,  i.e. “initium aquam” (Latin: Life began in Water) by Denis Taylor and “Rebuilding ground zero” by Jeanette Barnes. Richard Fitton, another fine painter, shows some new work, one in particular that is removed away from the ‘impasto paintings’ he is known for, to a more delicate surface finish and his growing concern for the drawing content in his creative output (e.g: “Amy” mixed media- on loan from a private collector). Ian Norris exhibits his highly developed semi-abstract work with his accomplished handling of paint, art works that are  always based on dedicated charcoal sketches.

Nicki Heenan and Miranda Richmond are to exhibit their delightful and unique landscape paintings along with ‘imagined’ landscape paintings of Richard Clare and the more definite subject based work of Stephen Stringer. Shaun Smyth shall be showing        a large panoramic painting of the Mersey Gateway Bridge, one of the many works that are to be shown at the Brindley Gallery, Merseyside with the exhibition ‘Constructing the Mersey Gateway Bridge’ (18th February 2018 to 5th April 2019). Shaun will also demonstrate his dedication as a skilled draughtsman by placing several charcoal sketch pieces next to his large painting. Barry De More, another painter whose work gives more than a nodding reference to Kossof and Frank Auerbach, will show works that range from the local environment of Keighley to Bradford (Yorkshire UK) to images of industrial workers on site.

All the painters and the work have a dedicated poem (prose) created by David Traves. His writing also extends to the brief introduction of the exhibition catalogue. David concentrates on his own reaction to each of the painters and their work and gives his own personal interpretation of the essence of each artist, words that are laid out in a classical manner, or style (i.e. short lines of words), but with deeper meaning behind them, meanings that perhaps encourages the reader to think more about the Art, and the artist(s) who created them.

All the work is available for acquisition by art institutions, public art galleries and the private art collector. Interested parties can contact, Crossley Gallery at Dean Clough (https://www.deanclough.com/) the artists directly or via painters Tubes magazine at: tubes@telia.com

The exhibition runs from the 27th October 2018 through to the 12th January 2019 

Dean Clough, Crossley Galleries, Halifax HX3 5AX

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Denis Taylor Artist shows Cellular abstraction.
artists mount new show at Dean Clough Crossley Gallery

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Interviewed in late 2017 and again in early 2018 in Manchester by our Editor (Denis Taylor). Bruce Lyons is a unique creator of original Art. His art has a basis in abstraction integrated with an almost intangible reality, yet real and tacit at the same time. Bruce’s unusual handling and development of his medium is only equaled by his natural ability to create stunning works of great Art…not to be missed.

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Painter and art teacher – Shaun Smyth has been documenting the amazing construction of the Mersey Gateway Bridge with some stunning paintings. “A Bridge So Far.” the title of the article written by the Editor of Tubes, gives the readers of Tubes magazine the inside story how the bridge was made through an exceptional talented artists eye….not to be missed. issue #8 – publishing at the end of April

Denis taylor Artist and Editor of painters Tubes talking with Shaun Smyth about his paintings of the Mersey Gateway Bridge
Tubes editor talking with Shaun Smyth in his Studio about his paintings of the Gateway Mersey Bridge. Photograph: ©DaveTraves/Tubes2018