TAG #3 Tubes Artists Gallery

Tubes Artists Gallery will be published on the 20th October- it will feature 10 artists selected from the painters TUBES closed group on Facebook.

artists join the closed Facebook Group and have your Art featured in the Gallery publication

TAG#3 – Tubes Artists Gallery will be published on the 20th October- it will feature 10 artists selected from the painters TUBES closed group on Facebook.

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Here are the ten artists that are featured in TAG#3 – Cherie Grist, Anthony Barrow, Claudia Araceli, Arwyn Quick, Jocelyn Roberts, Dave Bez, Martin Dobbins, Claire McCarthy, Martin Davis and Ron Etherington.

The group of painters now running at over 350 members consist of all types of painting genré – landscape, classic and contemporary, portraiture, abstract expressionism, formal abstract, new expressionism, naive, digital paintings and a whole array of new mediums.  If you are a painter and want to share your work to gain comments, positive encouragement and ideas and be in line for selection as a featured artist in Tubes Artists Gallery

 JOIN US… Sign in to Facebook – go to @painterstubes – give a ‘Like’ and click on the blue visit group button – answer the question… “where have you exhibited?” –   And you will be made a member (subject to the conditions and regulations of the group).  There is no fees or charges and TUBES does not ask for any monies for artists features in the Gallery or in the main mag.

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who is god? what is art?

yellow, blue, and red
my feet among you tread…

Those are questions asked by the artist in the illustrated poem – PALIA HORA – which is Greek for Old Capital City (or town). Palia Hora of Aegina island once was the home of the entire island. It was in the centre of the island and afforded (and still affords) magnificent views over the entire Saronic Gulf – which was it’s downfall, as the inhabitants turned to piracy – and the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire ordered his General (Barrabus) to destroy the town and kill all its people – as a matter of a lesson to all – The Greek people built the town over a thousand years – and each important family had their own Chapel to worship God (Greek Orthodox) . Barrabus – (who mother was Greek) however left 32 chapels standing in remembrance of his brother (who died at the early age of 32) and out of respect for his mother. Today the Chapels have been restored (respectfully) by the Greek Church and visitors can now see murals in the chapels from the 12th to the 15th century by master Greek painters whose names have faded with time.

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painters TUBES magazine -Denis Taylor
an illustrated poem by Denis Taylor Artist and editor of painters TUBES magazine