about the editor

Denis Taylor was born in Manchester, UK, September 23, 1951. He was enrolled at the Manchester High School of Art (Cheetham Hill, Manchester) in 1962 finishing his art education at the Ashton College of Art in 1969/1970.             

He began his career in advertising as a copy writer and junior concept account executive at Crane Wood Advertising and at Austin Knight Advertising Manchester UK.

In 1974 He studied interior design for three years and product design, specialising in bespoke furniture creation.  He founded and designed Taylored Bedrooms Limited and Taylored Interiors in 1982 (Manchester UK). By 1988 Denis had established a fine art studio in Manchester City centre and on Aegina island Greece. His first solo exhibition was in the North West of England on behalf of Greenhall & Whitley plc (“the first exposé” – Chorley UK).

He exhibited in Greece and the UK (1989-1992) before which he visited NYC (1989) to study the contemporary art scene in America, returning to the UK and Greece around 1990 to 1993.

In 1994 he established an art studio in Sweden after he had three Stockholm City Gallery exhibitions. He was appointed Founder Art Director for the Work Art Group Sweden. The group exhibitions he curated were national shows which included:  “the Blue path” Stockholm 1995. “Art Work Now” 1996 – Kliver UT – 1998 – “Art 4 Wall” 1999. In 2000 he was given the American Art Guild award for “painting with passion and power.”

He was commissioned by The Swedish Government Estonia Trust Fund and the International Disaster Support Group (DIS) Sweden, to create the project ‘After 5 Years Later’ which included the “Heart 2 Art” exhibition mounted at the Steninge Palace Culture Center. Denis was the Lead Artist, Synopsis and catalogue writer and the Heart 2 Art Exhibition Curator working alongside Professor Nigel Whiteley (br. 2010) as consultant and project base lines, between the years 1998 – 2002

In 2000 he and his artist wife and UK design business co-director, acquired a small estate in Southern Sweden. The developed property consists of living space, office and an Art Studio, but also maintained an art studio and office in the UK (Studio 4 Manchester 2003 to 2008).

Denis became a permanent resident of Sweden in 2013.

In 2014 he conceived the idea for painters Tubes magazine for which he was appointed Editor by his partners (Studio 5) for the UK and the International editions in 2017.                                                           

painters Tubes magazine first edition was November 2016 – The specialist painting magazine now has a global reach and a readership of 53,000 regular readers on line together with a [private] printed Tubes magazine subscription list.

painters T U B E S magazine

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