Painting Exhibition- “Constructing the Mersey Gateway Bridge.”

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introduction to the exhibition – taken from the on line catalogue

It will come as no surprise to visitors of this exhibition that the Mersey Gateway Bridge is one of the most important infrastructure investments in the UK for many decades. The ambition to connect the Mersey area with a 21st century road transport network to the Northern England is indeed worthy of praise. The bridge itself is equally a remarkable feat of engineering. Shaun Smyth who had the great insight and pressing desire to record how this marvel of engineering would be put together and record it with his singularly unique artistic eye.

I came across Shaun’s paintings over two years ago when I first caught glimpse of a number of examples of artwork of the ‘Bridge’ paintings and drawings on social media. For me it was the drive behind the artistic project that caught my imagination even more so than the bridge itself. I soon came to understand and respect the sheer artistic dedication that Shaun was applying to the task of recording for posterity this astonishing construction from the very start of the building to the fully operational opening of the Mersey Gateway Bridge.

When I first visited Shaun’s studio the extent of his dedicated attention to the creation of truly unique art for the bridge project came quickly into focus. However, I also viewed his work created previous to this huge undertaking of the Mersey Gateway Bridge. Shaun talent and attitude to art in general creation was and is, truly impressive. His Art extends to education, and as a teacher, his authentic and enthusiastic approach to painting and drawing is transferred to his students on a daily basis. Shaun’s justifiable pride of the students achievements and their advancement as young artists is part and parcel of his life, which is typical of Shaun’s belief in the importance of Art in our modern 21st century society….you can read the full introduction here.

Written by Denis Taylor Artist and Editor painters Tubes magazine

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