art is… Second Nature

This is a project about visual art and art education. This is an 'overview' of the project and is available on painters TUBES magazine platform, a printed version is available by contacting Denis Taylor - Artist and Project Leader on Click below the image to read the on line synopsis. The positioning of art … Continue reading art is… Second Nature

surpassing reality…with contemporary classical realism

"everything in painting has been done already, so why bother to paint at all." It is probably the 'realist' paintings of today that is easy to critic.  After all they'd say, what is the point of copying something in front of you, when we now have the digital camera? - To a large extent I … Continue reading surpassing reality…with contemporary classical realism

Painting Exhibition- “Constructing the Mersey Gateway Bridge.”

introduction to the exhibition - taken from the on line catalogue It will come as no surprise to visitors of this exhibition that the Mersey Gateway Bridge is one of the most important infrastructure investments in the UK for many decades. The ambition to connect the Mersey area with a 21st century road transport network … Continue reading Painting Exhibition- “Constructing the Mersey Gateway Bridge.”

Helping artists in more ways than one

In issue #8 of painters Tubes, we featured an artist who had submitted a number of works for consideration to be featured in the magazine. Most of the work were landscape paintings, and although they were excellent, they was not what TUBES were looking for, at the time. Landscape painting had been extensively covered in … Continue reading Helping artists in more ways than one

“defining the elemental” exhibition on show until 12th January 2019

Photograph below: Contemporary Artist, Denis Taylor in front of the installation at Crossley Gallery, Dean Clough, Halifax, UK  The exhibition "defining the elemental is an exhibition of painting in the UK. The ten artists participating are showing authentic work that covers contemporary landscape, portraits and new abstract painting. The extensive venue is the Crossley Gallery which … Continue reading “defining the elemental” exhibition on show until 12th January 2019