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painters Tubes now at Manchester Central Library
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“artists of the revolution”

from 1900 to today how the industrial revolution produced the art of North West England and beyond.

painters Tubes magazine.
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Article and essays plus 22 featured contemporary landscape painters including Martin Yeoman, Harry Robertson, Colin Taylor, Laurence Casse-Parsley, Arista Alanis, and many more


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excellent articles on Landscape Painting -plus- Twenty Two Featured Contemporary Artists who are painting landscapes today….Not to be missed.


Landscape issue # 5 – publishing dates

talking with Russel Howarth
Russel Howarth – issue #5 participating artist discussing his life long landscape work with painters Tubes Editor – Denis Taylor. photograph ©Marianne Arnberg 2017.

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Featured Painters – issue #5

Artist With Stepping Stones WP

Landscape – “Before Poussin to Today”  in issue #5 of painters Tubes are delighted to include examples of contemporary landscapes from the work of the following artists (listed in first name alphabetical).

Alison Tyldesley – Arista Alanis – Bev Donahgue – Bruce Lyons – Chris Cyprus – Colin Taylor – Colin Haliday – Dave Bez – David Evans – Diane Terry – Dean Entwistle – Harry Roberston – Ian Norris – Jake Attree – Laurence Cause- Parsley – Martin Yeoman – Phil Ashley – Russel Howarth – Steve Capper – Ron Coleman.

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Two Gallery openings in one night

It was a pleasure to attend the openings of two exhibitions in Manchester last week (28th September). The first show was curated by Contemporary Six in central Manchester. The show was the work of Jean Hobson. It was an exhibition of two parts – 1) Graphite pencil drawing and 2) Naive stylised paintings using high tonal values of vivid colour. Essentially Jean had set out to document the old industrial buildings and then as a contrast paint the new dynamic energy of the City of Manchester, hence the high colour toned work.  The show was curated to the normal high standards of the Galleries owner (Alex Reuben) and very well attended. As the editor of painters Tubes I decided to experiment by using our new video recorder to document the atmosphere of the exhibition, the video is currently being knocked into shape – so stay tuned..

Jean Hobson at Contemporary Six Gallery – “My Manchester” exhibition

The second exhibition I attended was at the Cheshire Art Gallery in Bramhall, which is about 25 minutes away on a train from Manchester City centre – This was a solo exhibition for my friend Dave Coulter – An artist who has been painting the streets of Manchester and Salford for nigh-on 70 years. Dave has changed his style recently and  his work is now created with a more open brush work style, broader colour application and stronger contrasting tone and less detail than his previous work. It was a bit of dash to get over to the opening on time, but I made it for exactly 7.30pm – which was great as the bulk of the guests had arrived. Again I tried out the  new Video camera and hopefully our production team  can tag the vid’s together, as one presentation, which we can then embed onto our Free to Read on Line Magazine – This is a new feature for us, and one we are very excited about to offer as a service for Galleries and Artists in the UK.

Contact to learn more

Matt Leech the Curator/Partner at Cheshire Art Gallery – Dave Coulter’s one man show is entitled “70 Years in the Making”

It was a great show and I was delighted to have been asked to write the catalogue introduction which discussed Dave’s work, which I hope gave visitors a greater understanding of what lies behind the excellent paintings hung on the Gallery wall – And displayed in the Wine Bar (Blanc de Blancs) opposite the Gallery.  The idea to ‘extend’ exhibitions into wine bar is to be a regular bonus ‘hang’ for the Cheshire Art Galleries stable of artists and one I approve of – as it not only allows greater space to see the work, but also it is a perfect was to enjoy a glass or two of good wine 🙂

all the best and cheers guys…Denis

“Two galleries in one night” post – Attended by Denis Taylor, Editor for painters Tubes magazine. For more info on both these great shiws please click the links to the Galleries websites.



do you paint landscapes?

feature your art in leading art magazine

wheatfields van gogh
“wheatfields”  by Vincent Van Gogh- one in a series of paintings – Wikipedia common licence-

painters Tubes magazine invite landscape painters to  post examples of their work to be featured in the next issue. Go to:  Like the Page and send jpegs in messenger direct.

Selected Artists will be contacted by 23rd Sept 2017.  There are no costs involved or fees asked for from the selected artist. The featured artists work will be viewed over two pages or more, together with an editorial commentary and critic.

Please ensure you include your email with the Facebook message. If you prefer you can send jpegs direct to the magazine on:

please note: this feature is for ‘studio-work’ and not plein.air work.