“Second Lives” Group exhibition of eight Women Artists

Occasionally painters Tubes magazine discovers a number of artists that have organized themselves into an active art group. One such group of artists is made up of artists,  Annie Stone, Sue Seif, Marie Larkin, Emily Squires Levine, Virginia Minehart, Bhavisha Patel, Valentina Sokolskaya and Margaret Moran. The DaVinci Alliance in Philadelphia PA, is exhibiting this… Continue reading “Second Lives” Group exhibition of eight Women Artists

abstract -formal and free

Formal and Free Abstract  article- featuring : John Walker, Kayla Mohammadi, Arista Alanis, Alan Clement Evans, Bruce Lyons, Johnathan Powell, Ron Coleman, Megan Chapman & Clive Croft read the full article free on line click here

in response to readers requests…

... a number of readers have asked Tubes if they can view examples of our Editors Art. After some 'bullying' we convinced him to 'complete' his own website, which he did only the other day.  So, for them that asked and for them that are curious about the Editors own paintings, here is the link:… Continue reading in response to readers requests…

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