Time Travel is never easy…

...way back in 1986, I decided to become a full time artist (painter). At least painting full time when it was possible. My self imposed rule #1 - was "to live for Art, and not live off Art.

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As of August 8th - painters Tubes printed version of the magazine will be available to read at the Manchester Central Library, Manchester City Center, Manchester UK. Enquires for supply of Tubes magazine for public venues welcomed: email: tubes@telia.com please put - "tubes printed magazine - public availability" in the subject line.

The Industrial Revolution and the Art that it inspired – (past and present)

Part one of the new series of articles is to be published in issue #8 of TUBES http://www.painterstubes.com                                       www.painterstubes.co.uk

Now published Issue # 7

DOUBLE COVER- Front to back or Back to Front - a brilliant art magazine now on line.CLICK HERE for preview on Magzter.

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Article and essays plus 22 featured contemporary landscape painters including Martin Yeoman, Harry Robertson, Colin Taylor, Laurence Casse-Parsley, Arista Alanis, and many more