Advertisers information – Reader numbers- 2017-2018.

painters Tubes readers numbers

advertisers reader numbers information.

Current registered preview readers on our dedicated platform for each issue up to the 31st March 2018 is as follows: (note this is only for our owned platform and does not include other ‘open’ free platforms & magazine reach, nor does it include printed magazine distributed from January 23st 2017 to  31st March 2018.)

Painters Tubes Registered Reader On Line Owned Platform Only

issue #1 = 5152 readers.  issue2 = 3402. issue #3 = 6284. issue #4 = 3885.

issue # 5 = 3145. issue #6 = 2922. issue # 7 = 1017 (recently published )

Total on Tubes dedicated platform = 25,807 readers

issue #8 to be published at the end of April – Full page advertisements offered at Special Gallery Rate email for the current special rate. Gallery or product manufactures announcements Free of charge.  For the Two Page Gallery ‘Special feature’ Pages rate, please contact: 

below: map of the general reach of the painters tubes website

painters Tubes gloabal website reach ….map of  global Tubes website reach. United Kingdom, Denmark and USA are the highest density