painters TUBES mag – news 2019 – 2020

From September 2019 and onwards painters TUBES will be publishing the printed magazine and the on-line version as an international art publication

These issues will cover art and artists from the UK, Canada, USA and mainland Europe. This is to broaden the  ‘visibility’ of national and global artists to colectors and galleries and encourage painters to engage with new ideas and techniques of art creation from different countries other than their own.

painters TUBES magazine now  *reach in excess of 500,000.  ‘Readers’ of TUBES issues now number over 87,000 – The recurring readers and ‘back issue readers count’ push that figure to nearer 100,000 art interested individuals and companies.

please note the *Reach – is the number of ‘on-line’ clicks that show the ‘issues front covers’  and/or selected inside features and Tubes website visits for ‘on line searches for Art’ and Contemporary Oil Paintings all in connection with our art magazine.

The recent excellent results from the recent new feature pages of  “Artists writing about Art and other Artists” (see issue #12 – Dean Entwistle and David Tycho feature articles) is to be expanded. Tubes suggest commercial gallery owners they ‘encourage’ their own stable of artists to ‘contact and work with TUBES’ to help them write (in their own words) about their own Art, other artists, or Art in general, for publication on line and in print.

Regular features will also include contributions from academic and art critic as per past issues. It is worth noting that painters TUBES magazine has been quoted on (arts and culture) 581 times during 2018 to 2019.

painters TUBES will be launching the new website as of 1st September 2019 – And a new painters Tubes APP for downloading for all devices, linked to the TUBES platforms which will be on offer to readers on line. Plus the introduction of a VR 3D gallery for artists groups and solo artists exhibitions with catalogue and promotional services.

Printed magazine annual subscriptions – renewals and new – are now available.

The special Summer Issue #13 (JULY) is offered as a free printed copy for renewals and new subscribers for readers who renew or subscribe before the end of June 2019.


Cost of subscriptions for 2019 to 2020 including post packing:  UK mainland is 54GBP (per single issue) –  Europe the subscription cost is : 67 Euro (per single issue 6+1 free)
USA the subscription cost is: 77 USD (including post and packing (per single issue 6+1 free) Canada the subscription cost is $c103  (per single issue 6 +1 free )

Please include you name, email and postal address on the Pay Pal form.

artists welcomed to the our magazine

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