art is… Second Nature

This is a project about visual art and art education. This is an ‘overview’ of the project and is available on painters TUBES magazine platform, a printed version is available by contacting Denis Taylor – Artist and Project Leader on

Click below the image to read the on line synopsis.

Art is Second Nature - project by painters TUBES magzine
synopsis available on line click here 
The positioning of art (painting specifically) today, is one that
the Second Nature project challenges and hopes to stimulate
debate in the contemporary art world, starting with an
exhibition and a public debate in Northern England.
The project is supported by an established painting magazine
with a solid presence in the art world and on the world wide
web, which enables the project the advantage to access of up
to date technology and distribution through VR magazine, 3D
VR gallery platforms and representation on social media.
The exhibition “Art is Second Nature” seeks to present
original visual art in a public space that has all the alternative
ingredients of an eclectic showing of art that is imbued
with emotional and visual intelligence. And Art that may
have a conceptual base coupled with natural artistic talent
with subject matter that stimulates positive emotions and
intellectual thought about Art & Education for today and for
the future generations.”

extract from synopsis written by Denis Taylor, Artist and Editor of painters Tubes

comments welcomed

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