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Denis Taylor Artist and WriterHi, my name is Denis Taylor and I’m delighted to be the Editor for Painters Tubes Magazine. The magazine is dedicated to Art, Artists and Art Galleries. The relatively recent renaissance in ‘Painting,’ [as an art form], is particulary pleasing, especially after it languishing in the shadows of experimental post modern conceptualism for so many decades.

What I hope to preside over in the Magazine is an eclectic mix of paintings with in-depth articles that reflect the ongoing diversity of creative ideas of painters for the future. I also want to interview and examine commercial Galleries on how they see the ‘general market’ for Art is developing in their specific area of expertise.

If you are an Artist Writer or an Art Jounalist, please feel free to post me your ideas for inclusion in the Magazine.  email

Looking forward to hearing from you and all the very best from me and the team,

Denis Taylor. Editor for the Painters Tube Magazine

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